• Barroco series PS Jugs, Wine Cup, Salad Bowl, Cup injection molds

    Barroco series PS Jugs, Wine Cup, Salad Bowl, Cup injection molds

    PS is generally used on plastic household and tableware, such as water jugs, cups, plates, bowls and so on because of its characters of transparent and crystal. However, it is necessary to have high technology on plastic injection moulds design and manufacturing for making high-end quality of PS products.

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  • Plastic Office Chair Injection Mould

    Plastic Office Chair Injection Mould

    Office chairs are essentials of life. In this modern life, people persuade an office chair not only to be comfortable for hours and hours sitting, strong enough for long-term use, beautiful appearance, also the high-quality and thoughtful design. An office chair is composed by lots of components, and only every of them is flawless can make a perfect, high quality office chair.

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  • Chairs Molds

    Chairs Molds

    The important points which we care about when we make chair molds: 1) We add as many cooling system as possible including the chair surface to ensure outstanding cooling performance. 2) We add wear plates with HRC 45 above to guarantee the chair molds’ life. 3) We use steel with HRC 30~33. 4) We use high speed CNC machine to reach 0.02 mm precision. Focare Mould has experiences in gas assistant chair molds, rattan chair molds, arm and armless chair molds, foldable chair molds, baby chair molds, etc. Please contact with us if you need more information.

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  • Buckets Molds

    Buckets Molds

    Our advantages in bucket molds: 1)We use hexagon mold construction which can better ensure bucket thickness uniform. 2)We add maximum cooling for the molds to make sure excellent mold performance. 3)We add wear plates with HRC 45 above to guarantee bucket molds balance. 4)The core of molds is inserted, to compare with mono block core, it can help to reduce noise during production. Focare Mould always insists in making durable and adjustable molds. We have many years of experiences in bucket molds. Please contact with us if you have any question in bucket molds. It’s our honor to help you.

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  • Kitchenware Molds

    Kitchenware Molds

    Two color products can be seen in different kinds of products, especially in household products. Just imagine it; the basin which we use every day is no longer single color. Focare Mould is top China two color mold maker. We can customize your two-color molds for you. Just give us one ideal and our design department can make 3D product drawings for you before starting the mold making. Why you should invest in two color molds and why you should choice Focare Mould? 1) It is bi injection mold which is worked with rotational system. 2) We have experience to choose the right location of colored product for two colors easy and precision jointing. 3) We design the molds with interchangeable structure of cores and cavities to realize different pattern of colored products. 4) We have professional mold testing workers who have many experiences in two color injection molding which can ensure excellent running of two color molds. Please communicate with us if you need more information. We're looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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