• Plastic Industrial Safety Helmet Injection Mould

    Plastic Industrial Safety Helmet Injection Mould

    Industrial safety helmets are widely used on building and workshop to protect the head from injury due to falling objects, impact with other objects, debris, rain, and electric shock. For making plastic industrial safety helmets, PC or ABS plastic material are the best selection which has the best impact resistance, light weight, high toughness, less fracture, and easy processing.

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  • Plastic Garden Table Injection Mould

    Plastic Garden Table Injection Mould

    Traditional plastic injection tables have separated table legs. This means that the table top and the table legs are separate. In this way, we not only need to have extra mold for the table legs, the strength of the entire table will be weakened by the separate table legs. This plastic outdoor table is one-piece. The strength of the table is much stronger than separated tables. Besides, you don’t need to pay for extra leg mold.

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  • Swing Cover of Dustbin Plastic Injection Mould

    Swing Cover of Dustbin Plastic Injection Mould

    The acceptable checking list of swing cover of dustbin are as below: 1. Cover shall be flat without deformation. 2. Cover of trash bin shall align the same level with cover supporter. 3. Cover shall come back original position automatically after swinging. 4. Cover be rotated evenly. 5. Supporter of cover is prohibited being deformed after ejecting out from mold cavity and cooling. 6. No flash around supporter.

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  • Floor Drain Plastic Injection Mould

    Floor Drain Plastic Injection Mould

    This floor drain is made by rigid PVC which mould steel shall be used S136. The steel structure is pure and fine, with excellent corrosion resistance, polishing, wear resistance, machining, and dimensional stability when quench. S136 can be used in all molds. Because of its special properties and materials, it is more suitable for the application and needs of special environment.

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  • Two-Color Peeler Plastic Injection Mould

    Two-Color Peeler Plastic Injection Mould

    The core of two-color peeler plastic injection mould is made inserted, which can be replaced for different design. As the result of product being short, we design the products be injected horizontally that allow product to have lesser parting line and ejector mark.

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  • Multi-color Basin Plastic Injection Mould

    Multi-color Basin Plastic Injection Mould

    The characteristic of this kind of multi-color injection moulding is to transform the general single color product into a multi-color mixed product without changing the mould, making them like various grain patterns such as wood grain, marble, jadeite and so on, without having to go through two processing procedures such as spray painting and water dyeing.

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  • Plastic Modular Bevel Storage Box Injection Mould

    Plastic Modular Bevel Storage Box Injection Mould

    This modular bevel storage box has the characteristics of folding resistance, anti-aging, high loading strength, stretching, compression, tearing, high temperature, rich color, lightness, durability and stacking. We can make molds for all kinds of specifications and sizes according to the user's requirements, which can be capped, dust proof and beautiful in appearance. The features of mold design are as below: 1. The cavity is made with insert part which is to process and maintenance in future. 2. Stripper plate for balancing ejection. 3. The protruding part of plastic box is used as the insert, which can release and exhaust the air, making it easier to eject the product. 4. High efficient cooling circular design for shortening cycle time. 5. Excellent NC processing to increase the assembly precise of mold to reduce flash.

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  • Bathroom Corner Shelf Plastic Injection Mould

    Bathroom Corner Shelf Plastic Injection Mould

    The bathroom corner shelf is well-designed. The shape is triangle, which is appropriate to assemble in the corner. It has three spaces and two covers. For the first compartment it is out of cover, which is suitable for the waterproof commodity such as toothbrush set and shampoo whose size is taller. For the second compartment, you are suggested to put toilet paper and sanitary product into for preventing them from wet. As to the last also the smallest compartment, it is the best place to keep soap inside. At the bottom of the shelf has three hooks, you can hang towels, bath ball or anything you need in your bathroom.

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  • Plastic Grater Injection Mould

    Plastic Grater Injection Mould

    Grater Size: 229 x 146 x 80 mm Type: Cheese, Fruit & Vegetable Tools Material: Food-grade PS and PP Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type: Graters Function: Grinding mud. Grinding paste. Suitable for the elderly and children 1. Simple mold design for easy maintain 2. The independent core pin for holes. 3. Ejection system: Stripper Plate and achieve a 360 degree air blast to avoid vacuum condition after injection.

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