• Plastic toys injection molds

    Plastic toys injection molds

    The advantages of plastic toys are as follows: a. Plastic toys are waterproof, lightweight, and suitable for children to play. b. Plastic toys are relatively cheaper, as the cost of plastic manufacturing is low. c. Most plastics toys have strong corrosion resistance and long service life. d. Compared with glass toys, plastic toys are not easy to be broken. e. Plastic toys have better plasticity than other kinds of material toy.

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  • Mammoth Puzzle Toy Plastic Injection Mould

    Mammoth Puzzle Toy Plastic Injection Mould

    The mold is simple 2-plate mold structure, but because it is a puzzle product, there are a lot of small parts, the positions between parts and the pouring points are very skillful, if the arrangement is not good, there will be flash problems, air trap problem. Products are ejected out by pins. There are many ejectors in this mold, so ejector balance of ejector plate is very important. The most characteristic is that the mold runner is also a part of the product, is the product frame and fixed base.

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  • Double Color Wheel of Toy Car Plastic Injection Mould

    Double Color Wheel of Toy Car Plastic Injection Mould

    This double color wheel is made by PP of wheel frame and TPE of outer soft part. PP is rigid material which is good enough to support the weight of toy car. The weight of PP is lighter than steel frame, it is suitable for making toys. TPE could be produced by traditional injection molding machine, meanwhile, PP and TPE could be injected and plasticized together well, not easy to be separated by force. The mold is designed for rotating double color injection moulding process. The rotary double color injection mold is composed with two molds, the first mold is for making PP part, second mold for TPE part after PP part being injected and rotated to second position.

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  • Plastic Building Block/Brick

    Plastic Building Block/Brick

    Building blocks are usually cubic solid toys made of wood or plastic. They are usually decorated with letters or pictures on each surface. They are allowed to be arranged in different ways or for building activities. They can develop children's intelligence, be assembled into houses, animals and so on.

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