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Registered Add TAIZHOU
Type of business Our main products-Plastic injection molds.
Established in 2012
  • Focare Mould - Two color mould specialist

Focare Mould was established at Huangyan, Taizhou, China in 2012.

We specialize in making plastic injection moulds. 

“Offer you both mould and guarantee” is our target. 

Therefore, we devote ourselves to make not only high-end quality moulds but also unique, flawless, durable plastic moulds. 


Professional Product / Mould design team

Products design and moulds design are key-point for making good workable plastic injection moulds.  


Focare Mould has our own experienced and professional designing team to provide A to Z service on design for both products and moulds.  


Meanwhile, we have various 2D&3D software for making both products design and moulds design which may ensure the design integrity accuracy, reliability and quality.

- When customers have only idea on products, and no samples for reference, Focare is able to design the products.

- If customers can provide samples for reference, then Focare could modify the design as per their request.

- Once customers sent product drawings for us, we will check material flow inside mold, and see if any interference for plastic injection, ejection and so on.

- While products design being confirmed by clients, we prepare moulds design and discuss with customers, then start moulds fabrication after getting approval from customers.

After shipping moulds, we will provide moulds assembly drawings for customers if required.

High-precision mould tooling equipment


Focare owns various functions, types, sizes, ultimate rotational speed machines, including automatic measurement cutting machines and manual refining ones. 

To ensure the mould highest precision, we combine conventional and modern high-tech engineering, which may increase mould precision and minimize the error. 

Because, every steel is well-proceed in different requirements, the moulds and products we made have high dimensional accuracy.

-  CNC Lathe Machine
    American 3 sets
    Taiwanese 3 sets
    Chinese 8 sets

-  Electric Discharge Machine x 2 sets

-  Precision Surface Grinding Machine x 4 sets

-  Turret Milling Machine x 6 sets

Moulds testing equipment

Mould is complete only when both mould and product are tested to be perfect. 

With 4 different tons and types injection machines plus professional mould testing technique. 

We can adjust the best suitable injection parameter for mould and find out the real situation of mould to modify it in the shortest time. 

These also make Focare a better environment for customers to detect moulds in their convenience and to instruct customers who are unfamiliar with producing double-color products.

–Triple color plastic injection machine with rotary table 550 tons x 1 set

- High speed & double injection moulding machine 350 tons x 1 set

- Double color rotary table Injection moulding Machine 280 tons x 1 set

- Single Color Injection moulding Machine 250 tons x 2 sets

High Quality Mould Steel & Mould Parts

focare mould拷貝.png


Focare Mould is located around the most competitive mold city, durable and stable quality is the only way for long-term development and management.  

We use high quality mould steel and the best quality of mould parts to keep reliable reputation.  

The critical parts, hot runner, cylinders, line plugs and so on are imported or used qualified and durable parts.  Even though the small parts, such as seal, we are using the one with high quality with high temperature and acid and alkali resistant.  

Focare Mould take care of quality from the minor details in order to provide qualified moulds for clients.

Professional Team & One-Stop Service


截圖 2023-05-31 下午3.41.02.png

Having cooperated to customers all around the world. 

Focare accumulates experience and technology. 

We own the ability to design both product and mould, plus sufficient discussion with customers.

We provide accurate design proposal to meet every preference. 

We design and test moulds ourselves, so we may modify the mould at once and till its perfection. 

We make sure products, mould functions, assembling are all no flaws then we arrange the shipment.

Please feel free to give your inquiry in the form below. We will reply you in 24 hours.
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