• Two-color popcorn bowl

    Two-color popcorn bowl

    The two-color popcorn bowl is BPA free, PVC free and is made from food-grade material. There is no nasty aftertaste in the popcorn. The two-color popcorn bowl can spread the heat in the microwave which can make each corn kernel can be fully popped. When we use this two-color popcorn bowl, we can choose not to use oil, which will make our popcorn healthier. Besides, the two-color popcorn bowl is collapsible. When we don’t use it, we can fold it up without taking up more storage space.

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  • Portable Mini Folding Washing Machine

    Portable Mini Folding Washing Machine

    The portable mini folding washing machine is simply made for people’s needs, and it won’t take up a lot of your place when you put it at home. When unfolded, it will be a bucket that can hold 10L of water; it can be folded directly when not in use, and the handle can also be used as a hook. It can be put away and hung on the wall of the bathroom or balcony, or stuffed in a cabinet, taking up no space at all!

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  • Two-color foldable baby washbasin plastic injection mould

    Two-color foldable baby washbasin plastic injection mould

    Bathing a baby may seem simple, but it is actually a very particular thing. But as long as you do all the preparations before bathing and pay attention to various details when bathing your baby, parents can still feel the fun while bathing the baby. In addition, due to health considerations, adults and children must be separated in preparation of supplies.

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  • Two-color cup

    Two-color cup

    The basic information of two-color cup plastic injection mold:  Steel: 718H (HRC30-33) Cavity: 2+2 Injection: 4 points hot runner (valve gate) Ejection: stripper plate Suggested Machine: 280T two-color plastic injection machine with rotary table Size: 900x600x590mm, 1180kgs

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  • Two-color storage basket

    Two-color storage basket

    Two-color storage basket can store some small things in life, such as office supplies, documents, socks and so on. And the cost of two-color storage basket is relatively low, the appearance is more beautiful, can provide a lot of convenience for our life, so it is widely used in life. The two-color storage basket for clothes is a kind of daily necessities for daily use at home, and there are many styles of the two-color storage basket. The structure of the two-color storage basket is relatively simple, but it has a very powerful role. It can help us to put our clothes together and make our home tidier.

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  • Two-color non-slip potty training seat plastic injection mold

    Two-color non-slip potty training seat plastic injection mold

    Manufacturers are suggested to use bi-injection way to produce two-color non-slip potty training seat, which may make products with better appearance and helps save time and manufacturing cost a lot. However, the traditional way: over-molding is appropriate for manufacturers who have single-color plastic injection machine only. Either produce products by bi-injection or over-molding, the molds should have high quality and precision to ensure the production being smoothly and efficiently. Welcome to contact us, we are experienced, professional and reliable.

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  • Two-color toddler training spoon plastic injection mold

    Two-color toddler training spoon plastic injection mold

    Helping toddlers learn to be independent is the primary task of many parents. We can use the characteristics of toddlers who like to imitate their parents to train them to be independent, for example, to eat by themselves like adults. Since toddlers can’t control the muscles of their arms to feed food into their mouths, we have to use this two-color training spoon to help them.

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  • Two-color non-slip toddler bowl set

    Two-color non-slip toddler bowl set

    Though the birth rate has decreased, the market of baby products isn’t faded at all. The sales of products that emphasize being safe, and functional have grown rapidly. Two-color non-slip bowl set is beautiful, functional, safe for children, and stackable for easy storage, which is popular in baby products. However, the manufacturers have to provide the high quality products to persuade parents to pay for it. Therefore, you will need a good mold supplier who can help you to produce beautiful products, and assist you to have high efficient output value at the same time.  Focare Mould, our target is to provide customers the molds with high efficiency, quality, and cp-value. We focus on details and are able to control the accuracy within 0.01mm.

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  • Two-color collapsible containers

    Two-color collapsible containers

    Focare Mould, we already made sets of two-color collapsible products and two-color containers. Being a specialist in the field of two-color commodity, we know the perfect design for molds. Assembled with high-precision machines and experienced engineers, we promise to provide every mold with highest quality and cp-value. Contact us for more information and quotation.

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