• Disposable plastic centrifuge tube

    Disposable plastic centrifuge tube

    The disposable plastic centrifuge tube has a tube cover, which is used to prevent the leakage of the sample, especially for the radioactive or highly corrosive samples. The tube cover also has a function of preventing the sample from volatilizing and supporting the centrifuge tube to prevent the deformation of the centrifuge tube. When selecting this point, we should also pay attention to check whether the pipe cover is tight, and whether it is tight during the test, so as to achieve inversion without leakage.

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  • Petri Dish Plastic Injection Mould

    Petri Dish Plastic Injection Mould

    A Petri dish is a laboratory vessel for the cultivation of microorganisms or cells. It consists of a flat disc-shaped bottom and a cover, usually made of glass or plastic. There are basically two types of dish materials, mainly plastic and glass. Glass can be used for plant materials, microbial culture and animal cell wall culture. Plastic may be polystyrene material, which can be used for one time or multiple times. It is suitable for laboratory inoculation, scribing and bacteria separation. It can be used for the cultivation of plant materials.

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