• Plastic Kitchen Utensils Injection Mold

    Plastic Kitchen Utensils Injection Mold

    Most of the materials for kitchen utensils are PA. PA has good comprehensive properties, including mechanical properties, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and self-lubrication, and has a low coefficient of friction. The reason is that it makes it easy for people to grab it and put it back in place. It also condenses the space of the cutlery box and provides decoration for the kitchen interior design, thus creating a delicate design for the kitchen.

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  • Plastic Dish Drainer Injection Mould

    Plastic Dish Drainer Injection Mould

    Mold Structure design advantage: 1. Conventional ordinary mold, no structure, high durability of the mold 2. 4-point hot runner gate to have better balance of the flow channels to consider the balance of the gates, and make the molten materials uniformly charge at the same time. 3. Significantly prolong mold life and shorten cycle time 4. Durable mold steel with P-20H or 718H 5. High efficiency cooling design 6. Ensure mold thickness uniform, equipped with wear plates which sharply increase mold stability and mold life!

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  • Plastic Cup Injection Mould

    Plastic Cup Injection Mould

    Plastic Cups are containers for drinks and tea. Usually made of PP and PS material. Generally used in beverage stores, hot and cold drink stores, milk tea shops, hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops, which provide a variety of plastic cup drinks to go and on-site.

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