• Plastic Flower Transportation Crate Injection Mould

    Plastic Flower Transportation Crate Injection Mould

    This design is really complicated; it has not only sliders in the 4 sides like normal crates, but also many lifters to form the bottom design. We used hundreds of pins to form the needle shapes. There are many small holes in the middle part of the crate, which makes the mold more difficult, because we have to add sliders to form these holes under the existing complex mold structure. Because of the intricate structure design at the bottom, NC processing takes a lot of time.

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  • Flower pots plastic injection mold

    Flower pots plastic injection mold

    Flower pots were traditionally made from terracotta which is too heavy, easy broken and only mono color. In order to get lightweight and more drop-proof, plastic flower pots become more popular on market. Moreover, plastic flower ports could be more colorful and different design. Hence, it become an important decorative element in the interior. Suitable for all kinds of plants, convenient management and it can be used at balcony, roof, living room, office and so on. Focare Mould provides complete mold design, including every screw, every nozzle, sealing ring, spring, etc., which can make every detail of the mold clearly visible and reduce the risk of error. That’s the main reason that customers select Focare Mould to make injection moulds for this high-end quality of flower pots.

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