Two-color injection mold

Once more Focare Mould has completed another order of two-color injection mold.  This time the product is two-color toy tires mold.  Why are more and more customers who willing to invest in two-color injection molds?

With the rapid development of two-color injection molding and other technologies, the application of two-color injection molds has gradually spread to all aspects of life.  The advantages of two-color injection molds are:

a)    Two-color injection molds are very easy to change colors compared with the traditional single color molds.  Two-color injection molds can meet the needs of product structure and appearance.

b)    Two-color injection molds not only have high precision, stable quality, good structural strength, but also have a more beautiful appearance due to theirs small clearance, even without spraying.

c)    Two-color injection molds can help you reduce the production cost.  The quality of the two-color injection molding product is high, the product deformation is easy to control, the molding cycle is short and the output is high, the loss can be 7% lower than over molding injection molding, and the manufacturing cost of the product can be 20%-30% lower than over molding.

Please feel free to communicate with us if you are interested in developing two-color injection molds. 


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