Plywood and Man-made Boards are not required for fumigation

The goal of fumigation is to protect forests from insects within the imported timber. According to ISPM 15, fumigation is only one of methods to kill pests. Heat Treatment is another method to kill pests or insects inside wood or timer . Under heat treatment, all pests and insects inside wood or timer will be killed.


Plywood and other man-made boards such as blockboard, MDF/HDF, OSB, hardboard, particle board are produced under high temperature (110 ~140) and high pressure . Plywood is a panel consists of some plies of veneers.  The veneers are peeled from wood logs, like hardwood, birch, poplar, oak, pine, etc.These wood veneers finally will be bonded together with adhesive under high pressure and high temperature (110 to 140).

In the production process under heat, all the harmful pests and insects in these man-made boards will be killed.  Because of no pests and insects, plywood and these man-made boards won’t be required for fumigation.  The packing materials like pallets, boxes made of plywood and man-made board are also not required for Fumigation.

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