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  • Plastic steamer injection mold

    Plastic steamer injection mold

    Plastic steamer is generally made of PP engineering plastics, which is another excellent material developed after nylon. It has excellent comprehensive performance! PP has good solvent resistance, oil resistance, weak acid resistance, weak alkali and other properties! PP has high hardness and steel, high creep resistance and stress relaxation ability, excellent wear resistance, self-lubrication, and fatigue and cost performance are better than other plastics.

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  • Two-Color Razor Handle Plastic Injection Mold

    Two-Color Razor Handle Plastic Injection Mold

    Using two-color injection can makes products with better product appearance and can substantially reduce product deformity, manufacturing time and cost during productions. Two-color razor handle is normally made with axis. After the first color injecting the axis will rotate for the second color injection. The axis can be rotated by plastic injection machine or hydraulic cylinder. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if your plastic injection machine has no axis, you may produce two-color razor handle as long as your machine is assembled with two carriages.

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  • Plastic Bicycle Bottle Holder Injection Mould

    Plastic Bicycle Bottle Holder Injection Mould

    A bottle cage is device used to affix a water bottle to a bicycle. Composed of plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium or carbon fiber. Plastic bottle cages generally are made by rigid PVC which in particular has very high density for a plastic making it extremely hard and generally very strong. It is also readily available and very economical which combined with the long-lasting characteristics of most plastics make it an easy choice for many industrial applications. Some of the most significant properties of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) are: 1. Density: PVC is very dense compared to most plastics (specific gravity around 1.4) 2. Economics: PVC is readily available and cheap. 3. Hardness: Rigid PVC is very hard. 4. Strength: Rigid PVC has extremely good tensile strength.

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  • Plastic ice scoop injection mold

    Plastic ice scoop injection mold

    Plastic ice scoop is in direct contact with food, and the standard requirements for finished products are definitely higher than general household products. The scoop is fine, smooth, no blur... etc. To produce high-quality finished products, we need high-quality molds. Focare Mould, we have the ability to design products for you. With a fully communication, we can help you create your own project. Having years of experience in designing all kinds of plastic injection moulds, we are able to design the mould with good injecting, ejecting, and cooling system. With the high precise CNC machines, we control the precision of plastic injection mould within 0.01mm to provide high-end quality mould.

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  • Two-color chopping board plastic injection mold

    Two-color chopping board plastic injection mold

    A 1+1 cavity two-color chopping board plastic injection mould can match with 400 tons two-color plastic injection molding machine. It adopts 718H as steel and 3 tips hot runner.

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  • Plastic drain basket injection mold

    Plastic drain basket injection mold

    This is a portable fruit and vegetable plastic drain basket which can be seen in every kitchen. It is made of high-quality plastic materials and is durable. If you want to wash fruits and vegetables, that would be a good choice. With the creative design of plastic drain basket and tray, you can separate the two products and then filter the water.

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  • Plastic toys injection molds

    Plastic toys injection molds

    The advantages of plastic toys are as follows: a. Plastic toys are waterproof, lightweight, and suitable for children to play. b. Plastic toys are relatively cheaper, as the cost of plastic manufacturing is low. c. Most plastics toys have strong corrosion resistance and long service life. d. Compared with glass toys, plastic toys are not easy to be broken. e. Plastic toys have better plasticity than other kinds of material toy.

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  • Five-pins socket plastic injection mold

    Five-pins socket plastic injection mold

    There are some reasons why five-pins socket is more popular. 1. Five-pins socket has more reasonable use of space resources. Just imagine it, if a power outlet has only one two-poles or only one three-poles, we won’t be able to utilize the space well. 2. Five-pins socket is more economical. It's obvious that, in the same scope of use, we only need one five-pins socket to use two-poles and 3-poles in the same time. 3. Five-pins socket is more convenient. Unlike common single three-pins or two-pins socket, five-pins socket has more choice.

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  • Plastic Kitchen Utensils Injection Mold

    Plastic Kitchen Utensils Injection Mold

    Most of the materials for kitchen utensils are PA. PA has good comprehensive properties, including mechanical properties, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and self-lubrication, and has a low coefficient of friction. The reason is that it makes it easy for people to grab it and put it back in place. It also condenses the space of the cutlery box and provides decoration for the kitchen interior design, thus creating a delicate design for the kitchen.

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