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  • Plastic storage drawers injection mold

    Plastic storage drawers injection mold

    Most of the plastic storage drawers are made of PP plastic. PP plastic, chemical name: polypropylene PP is a crystalline polymer. PP is the lightest in common plastics the density is only 0.91g / cm3 (smaller than water). Among general-purpose plastics, PP has the best heat resistance. Its heat distortion temperature is 80-100 °C and it can be boiled in boiling water. PP has good stress resistance, is not easy to have crack, and has a long service life. The overall performance of PP is better than PE. PP products are light weight, good toughness, and good chemical resistance.

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  • Two-color collapsible water cup plastic injection mold

    Two-color collapsible water cup plastic injection mold

    The two-color collapsible water cup is made of PP + TPE material, which has certain high and low temperature resistance. It is safe and sanitary to use and can be used in various environments. When using, it is very simple. It only needs a few steps to collapsible the cup. After collapsible, it can be easily carried in the bag, or even directly put into the jeans pocket, which is very humanized.

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  • Two-color baby bath support plastic injection mold

    Two-color baby bath support plastic injection mold

    Owing to the two-color baby bath support is a big product, its mold will also be larger. The consummate cooling system and eject system is the key point to keep the production efficient. Focare Mould, we are a team who specializes in manufacturing two-color plastic injection mold. We have high-precision imported CNC machines and 280~550 tons two-color plastic injection machine. With the high-level technique and device, we are capable to provide you the best plastic injection mold.

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  • Plastic Baby Step Stool injection mold

    Plastic Baby Step Stool injection mold

    Plastic Baby Step Stool provides just the right height, with Plastic Baby Step Stool; the baby can go to the toilet and wash his own hands. Moms can use Plastic Baby Step Stool to train their babies to learn about self-sanitation and good habits in life, so don't worry about it.

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  • Plastic photo frame injection mold

    Plastic photo frame injection mold

    Focare Mould Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of mould and plastic products. We have perfect ability of designing, developing, testing and making plastic injection moulds. Our professional technicians have many years of rich production experience. Since the establishment, we sincerely welcome customers from home and abroad to visit our factory for guidance and create a brilliant future with the principle of "professional quality, service value".

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  • Two-color plastic serving tray injection mold

    Two-color plastic serving tray injection mold

    The two-color plastic serving trays are also diversified in style and shape. The wooden serving trays are relatively less change. Moreover, after a long-term use, wooden serving tray is easier to mildew, not easy to maintain, and the service life of the product is not as long as the two-color plastic serving tray.

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  • Plastic bucket injection mold

    Plastic bucket injection mold

    Normally, in order to optimize your products, many people choice to use IML (in mold labeling) to have different kinds of products with only one plastic mold. But if you do not have the budget to purchase the IML system (normally one robot, one static generator, and labels), you can also consider to use texture on the surface of the plastic buckets. The texture can be the big logo of your company, the signs of your National culture or any drawings which can catch consumers’ eyes.

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  • Plastic stool injection mold

    Plastic stool injection mold

    For the mold design, we use P20H as the main steel for this plastic stool injection mold. P20H is pre-hardened steel with HRC 30~33 which characteristics are good enough for making plastic stool injection mold. Besides, in the parts which are easy to rub, we use wear plates with HRC 45 above to ensure the production life of the plastic stool injection mold.

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  • Plastic foot bath bucket injection mold

    Plastic foot bath bucket injection mold

    With the plastic foot bath bucket, you do not need to spend extra money to do foot bath outside, we can enjoy foot bath at home every day. The design of raised dots on the bottom of the bucket allows us to do simple foot massage while soaking our feet. The wide mouth design makes it easy for us to soak our feet. Besides, the thickness of the plastic foot bath bucket is moderate, and the bucket will not be distorted due to the weight of water which will be happened only when the wall thickness is too thin.

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