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  • Nylon parts mould

    Nylon parts mould

    Taizhou Huangyan Focare Mould Co., Ltd. has been committed to the professional development of injection mold since the establishment of the enterprise. Now it has strong R & D ability, complete technical team and perfect production process. We can quickly provide customers with superior mold design solutions. We can design and manufacture various injection molds according to customers' requirements. At the same time, we can also use advanced design software and measuring equipment to design and manufacture molds according to the drawings, samples and specifications provided by customers, and win the unanimous recognition of customers at home and abroad!

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  • Disposable knife plastic injection mould

    Disposable knife plastic injection mould

    We maximize the efficiency of cooling system and eject system. 10 water channels and almost 100 ejector pins are applied in the disposable knife plastic injection mold. The cycle time is 12 seconds, which means 200 disposable knives are produced in one minute.

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  • Plastic rotary mop injection mold

    Plastic rotary mop injection mold

    Plastic rotary mop is a new type of mop, which is different from the traditional mop in that it can rotate. Through the principle of centrifugal force generated by rotation, use a little manpower to make the plastic rotary mop like the effect of drying in the washing machine. The plastic rotary mop is easy to use, light and flexible, easy to clean, hands are not stained at all, far away from stains and sewage, and even the ground debris are easily attached.

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  • Plastic buckles injection mold

    Plastic buckles injection mold

    Plastic buckle, this type of buckle is suitable for adjusting the length of luggage leather. It is also called adjusting buckle, opposite buckle and side opening buckle. According to different raw materials, it can be divided into plastic buckle (POM, PP, PA material) and plastic buckle (aluminum alloy, semi aluminum alloy) for hardware fittings. It can be divided into single adjustment plug-in, double adjustment plug-in and non-adjustment plug-in according to whether to adjust or not. According to different uses, it can be divided into baby carriage plug-in, pet plug-in, outdoor safety plug-in and luggage plug-in.

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  • Two-color collapsible containers

    Two-color collapsible containers

    Focare Mould, we already made sets of two-color collapsible products and two-color containers. Being a specialist in the field of two-color commodity, we know the perfect design for molds. Assembled with high-precision machines and experienced engineers, we promise to provide every mold with highest quality and cp-value. Contact us for more information and quotation.

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  • Nylon cable ties plastic injection mold

    Nylon cable ties plastic injection mold

    Specification: Product Name: Self-Locking Nylon Cable Ties Material: Nylon Width(W): 2.5mm Length(L): 100mm, 150mm, 200mm Max Bundle Diameter: 22mm Tensile Strength: 18 LBS, 8KGS Working Temperature: From -40ºC to 85ºC Color: Black Weight: 30-50g

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  • Plastic Weaving Rattan Baskets Injection Mould

    Plastic Weaving Rattan Baskets Injection Mould

    The plastic weaving rattan baskets are multifunctional for bathroom shower storage basket, debris storage organizer and so on. It is made of durable woven plastic, outside like rattan weave, inside is smooth, premium quality flexible construction, no sharping edge. Little cut-out ear handles for easy carrying or transport or pulling out. Perforated pattern allows for ventilation, good storage solution for office, bedroom, closet, bathroom counter top, etc. Lightweight and easy to clean, just wipe clean with damp cloth. With an elegant and classy appearance, also making great gift ideas.

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  • Kitchen seasoning jar plastic injection mold

    Kitchen seasoning jar plastic injection mold

    The lightweight, easy-to-use and cheap kitchen seasoning jars are the most suitable for placing seasonings that will not emit odors and are not easy to fade, such as seasonings that are light in color and taste, such as potato flour and pepper. The transparent kitchen seasoning jar is made of PP + PS, which is safe and healthy. The push-type lid is opened to facilitate the scooping of seasoning and it is very convenient to use. A flip cover is added to prevent dust from entering the seasoning bottle and is more hygienic.

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  • Plastic Transparent Sanitary Mask Mould

    Plastic Transparent Sanitary Mask Mould

    Plastic Transparent Sanitary Mask Mould Mould material: P20/718/H13/45#/S136...etc Payment terms: L/C T/T Western Union Money Gram Mould testing: All of the moulds can be well tested before the shipments. Videos for testing the moulds are available.

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