• Two-in-one storage box chair

    Two-in-one storage box chair

    Almost all stackable chairs lose their reason for existence after stacking. Therefore, the design of this two-in-one storage box chair improves the usable value of the storage chair after stacking. The two-in-one storage box chair can be turned into a table or shelf after being stacked, but it can also be a good chair when you need it. This two-in-one storage box chair is versatile. It can also be fixed by stacking, and the chair has a high bearing capacity. This two-in-one storage box chair is available in two shapes, rectangular and square. They are stacked side by side with their uneven surfaces.

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  • Slide fridge storage rack plastic injection mold

    Slide fridge storage rack plastic injection mold

    With Slide fridge storage rack, you can effective use of refrigerator space, a variety of snacks, fruits, and small items can be effectively stored separately.  You make the space inside the refrigerator tidier, keep the food fresh and hygienic.

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  • Folding storage box plastic injection mold

    Folding storage box plastic injection mold

    When folding storage box folded, it is only 5 cm high.  Folding storage box can save about 4 times space and can be stored in small corners of the room. Children can also take folded storage box without pressure and store school textbooks. Folding storage box can be stored high school textbooks sideways- max. store up to 50 books or tile two high school textbooks.  Folding storage box can organize at a glance and allows children to cultivate good ways of organizing and reading habits.

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  • Plastic Portable Tool Box Injection Mould

    Plastic Portable Tool Box Injection Mould

    1. PP engineering plastic, good bearing capacity, beautiful appearance, strong plasticity, various colors, large internal volume of portable toolbox. 2. The worktable adopts unique injection molding, with higher strength and smooth surface treatment, it is easy to wipe oil stains. The injection panel can bear the bench vice operation 3. Abundant tool modules can be stored in the drawer of toolbox 4. Sliding guide rail design is adopted on both sides of drawer, which has excellent smoothness and improves service life. The extended distance enables the drawers to be fully opened, making it easy to extract the objects inside the drawers. 5. Each drawer has self-locking function 6. It is suitable in size and can be stored in the trunk of the car. It is convenient. Toolbox of different sizes can be built in together.

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  • Plastic Modular Bevel Storage Box Injection Mould

    Plastic Modular Bevel Storage Box Injection Mould

    This modular bevel storage box has the characteristics of folding resistance, anti-aging, high loading strength, stretching, compression, tearing, high temperature, rich color, lightness, durability and stacking. We can make molds for all kinds of specifications and sizes according to the user's requirements, which can be capped, dust proof and beautiful in appearance. The features of mold design are as below: 1. The cavity is made with insert part which is to process and maintenance in future. 2. Stripper plate for balancing ejection. 3. The protruding part of plastic box is used as the insert, which can release and exhaust the air, making it easier to eject the product. 4. High efficient cooling circular design for shortening cycle time. 5. Excellent NC processing to increase the assembly precise of mold to reduce flash.

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  • 29.5x20x7mm Thin-Wall Container Mould

    29.5x20x7mm Thin-Wall Container Mould

    Product Size: 29.5x20x7mm The plastic injection mold of this thin-wall container is used transparent PP material. The product is ejected out by stripper, assisted by air, and the product is injected by two tips of hot nozzles at the front part of the mold. The cooling system is evenly arranged. It is a classic single color box mold design. However, it is thin-wall container, which cores and cavities of mold shall be made high-end steel with heat treatment. Meanwhile, all moving parts shall be used durable anti-wearing steel to have longer mold life.

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  • Double Color Clear Plastic Box Mould

    Double Color Clear Plastic Box Mould

    The mould of this double color plastic container is designed for making on two-component injection molding machine. How to connect the two parts of lid and body with double color, how to make the thin part between two colors to prevent from tearing after folding couple times, how to keep clear two colors without over flow. All these factors are the key-points of technology to design and fabricate this kind of two-color injection mould.

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  • Plastic Lunch Box Injection Mould

    Plastic Lunch Box Injection Mould

    The lunch box design is very lovely; there are two layers which can let you separate your food. The clip function is made directly on the lid, so we can save one mold for clips. There are two clip designs in each side, so the lunch box can overlap to save space after eating. The volume is 420 + 760 ml, it is just enough for school children to eat, will not cause waste.

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  • Double Color Lid of Airtight Lock Box Plastic Injection Mould

    Double Color Lid of Airtight Lock Box Plastic Injection Mould

    Airtight containers are the most optimal food preservation. It is suitable for refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers. Meanwhile, these airtight boxes may also be stacked and nested to maximize the space available as effectively as possible and to organize your fridge and cupboards perfectly. The double color cover of freshness box is designed with latch to secure closing and a nice smooth opening, which is easy to handle, be stackable for optimum refrigerator organization. Moreover, it is available for glass food storage containers or plastic boxes.

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