• Rattan Chair Plastic Injection Mould

    Rattan Chair Plastic Injection Mould

    The plastic rattan chair biggest selling point is its appearance, which is exactly like a bamboo woven chair. However, the plastic rattan chair can improve the biggest weakness of bamboo chair: useful life. The bamboo woven chair is easy to break that has to be replaced within years, also the broken bamboo is likely to scratch customers. The size of plastic rattan chair is 63X53X53mm and the weight is 2.5kg. It is big but light, and is durable, strong, easy to clean, beautiful, and colorful.

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  • Multi Purpose Plastic Stool Injection Mould

    Multi Purpose Plastic Stool Injection Mould

    The important points which we care about when we make chair molds: 1) We add as many cooling system as possible including the chair surface to ensure outstanding cooling performance. 2) We add wear plates with 45HRC above to guarantee the chair molds’ life. 3) We use steel with 30-33HRC. 4) We use high speed CNC machine to reach 0.02 mm precision.

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  • Light Knit Plastic Dining Chair with Gas Assisted Injection

    Light Knit Plastic Dining Chair with Gas Assisted Injection

    The advantages of gas-assisted injection molds: 1. Save raw materials, increase plastic utilization rate by up to 50%, reduce molding cycle, and improve certain performance. 2. It can reduce the pressure of the mold by 60%, make the size of the part uniform, and improve the shrinkage and deformation. 3. Reduce the working pressure of the injection system and the clamping system of the injection machine, so that the mold is suitable for smaller machines and reduce power consumption. 4. The requirements for the injection molding machine system are relatively simple, and there are no special requirements for raw materials.

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  • Plastic Chair with Gas Assisted Injection

    Plastic Chair with Gas Assisted Injection

    Gas-assisted technology offers many possibilities for parts that were previously incapable of being injection molded using conventional processes. Particularly suitable for the production of the following aspects of injection molding: tubular and rod-shaped parts, such as the steering wheel left adjustment lever, car door handle, car rain wipes, rings, hooks, seat armrests, window frames, etc.; large flat parts Such as door panels, automotive exterior parts, radiator grilles, etc.; parts with complex shapes, uneven thickness, and traditional injection molding difficult to form, such as automobile body, bumper, instrument panel, etc. The principle of gas-assisted injection is to create a hollow section in the interior of the injection molded part by high-pressure gas. The volumetric pressure of the gas is used to reduce the residual internal stress of the product, eliminate the surface shrinkage of the product, and reduce the material used, which shows the superiority of the conventional injection molding.

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  • Plastic Office Chair Injection Mould

    Plastic Office Chair Injection Mould

    Office chairs are essentials of life. In this modern life, people persuade an office chair not only to be comfortable for hours and hours sitting, strong enough for long-term use, beautiful appearance, also the high-quality and thoughtful design. An office chair is composed by lots of components, and only every of them is flawless can make a perfect, high quality office chair.

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