• Square Flip Top Sampoo Cap Plastic Injection Mould

    Square Flip Top Sampoo Cap Plastic Injection Mould

    Flip top shampoo cap is one-time use of large-scale production product. Normally, after injecting, there is no more surfaces processing, and it can directly enter the subsequent automatic packaging. Therefore, the appearance of the flip top shampoo cap is required to be high, and there are no obvious molding defects.

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  • Plastic Salt Shaker Cap Injection Mould

    Plastic Salt Shaker Cap Injection Mould

    The cap of salt shaker is combined with lid and cover. There are two holes on lid for fixture of cover, which lid mold shall be designed with lifters. The neck of lid is necessary to design sliders before being ejected out from cavities. This design is to protect the thread of lid and avoid damage by force ejecting. Briefly, the lid looks simple and common plastic part, the mold design is more complicate.

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  • Plastic Cap of Liquor Bottle Injection Mould

    Plastic Cap of Liquor Bottle Injection Mould

    Plastic liquor caps are different from the ones we usually use. They are not sealed by threads or barbs like plastic caps of mineral water bottles, but by oak plugs. However, the oak plugs may cause decay or cracking after long-term and long-distance transportation or weather, plastic caps are needed to keep them sealed and protect oak plugs.

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  • 5 Gallon Cap Plastic Injection Mould

    5 Gallon Cap Plastic Injection Mould

    The plastic raw material of 5G cap is LLDPE, which has high gloss, high heat resistance and better fluidity than the general materials. In addition, the steel of mold core and cavity is S136, with a hardness of 48-52, which can better for mold life. It could be design with 12 cavities or 16 cavities, each cavity has its own independent cooling system to ensure that the products can be better shaped and cooled.

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  • Plastic Cap Injection Mould with Unscrewing Device

    Plastic Cap Injection Mould with Unscrewing Device

    Principle of unscrewing device system: The head of the motor is equipped with gears, which drive the chain, the chain drive the middle bearing, and the bearing gear drive the two big gears. The big gear is kneaded with the bearing gear of the product, and the inner screw of the product is pulled out by rotation.

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  • Flip top cap injection mould for lotion bottles

    Flip top cap injection mould for lotion bottles

    Plastic Flip top lotion caps are mass-produced daily necessities which require smooth surface, beautiful shape and good to the touch. Focare Mold is not only experts in two-color injection molds but also in flip top cap molds. We have many experiences in flip top cap mold making. Please feel free to communicate with us if you need flip top injection molds.

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  • Flip Top Caps Molds

    Flip Top Caps Molds

    Flip top caps are generally used for shampoo bottles, cosmetic bottles and detergent bottles. The technical key-point of flip top cap mold is closure quality and no water leakage. Meanwhile, the connection between cap base and flip top cap is also critical issue of flip top cap mold. The plentiful experience of flip top cap molds on both product design and mold design become very important.

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  • Unscrewing Caps Molds

    Unscrewing Caps Molds

    For the cap design, people always want to find a new way, but due to the limit of traditional molding way, it cannot have so much outstanding design to attract people’s eye with single color. With the new molding technology development, Bi-injection, tri-injection … it helps designers to have more idea on the design and come with beautiful appearance. I believe more and more customers will like this design idea and to make their own brand outstanding. Focare Mould is mold maker who is specialized in two color mold design and manufacture. We are here to help you make your fantastic idea into reality.

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  • Water bottle caps molds

    Water bottle caps molds

    Focare Mould is a professional plastic injection mold maker. We fabricate different kinds of injection molds, such as household molds, caps molds, pipe fitting molds, thin-wall packaging molds, multi-color molds, etc. We make various kinds of caps molds, such as oil caps molds, unscrewing caps molds, water bottle caps molds, and flip top caps molds. We have a lot of experiences in cap mold making. If you are searching for a good injection cap molds supplier, please do not hesitate to contact with us. We are happy to share our experience of injection caps molds with you.

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