The 5th China (Chongqing) International Plastics Industry Exhibition

The two-color cup has thin thickness, its weight is 52g only. The first color is 32g, made by PP to sustain the shape of cup. The second color is 19g, manufacturers can produce it with PP for firm and glossy appearance, or can use TPE as material for non-slip affect and soft touching. With various colors and materials, two-color cups are able to meet different demand from customers, which will create bigger market share and business. 


The basic information of two-color cup plastic injection mold: 

Steel: 718H (HRC30-33)

Cavity: 2+2

Injection: 4 points hot runner (valve gate)

Ejection: stripper plate

Suggested Machine: 280T two-color plastic injection machine with rotary table

Size: 900x600x590mm, 1180kgs


Mold design is the key point to ensure the efficiency and smoothness of production, and mold accuracy is the key point for beautiful appearance. For the two-color cup plastic injection mold, we design consummate cooling system in steel and inserts, adopt valve gates as injection gate for better injection mark. Besides, the insert and logo is interchangeable. Customers can fix insert or change the logo conveniently. We also place wearing plates on the position where is easy to wear to prolong the mold life. 

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