• Two-color non-slip hanger plastic injection mold

    Two-color non-slip hanger plastic injection mold

    There are two ways to manufacture two-color non-slip hanger, by over-molding or bi-injection. Over-molding is simpler; however, it needs two plastic injection molds and two plastic injection machines, which takes more time and extra cost for labor. Bi-injection needs only one two-color plastic injection mold and one two-color plastic injection machine, it saves a lot manufacturing time and decreases the deformity of product drastically that helps avoid material waste.

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  • Two-color collapsible foot bath bucket plastic injection mold

    Two-color collapsible foot bath bucket plastic injection mold

    The two-color collapsible foot bath bucket is made of PP+TPE, which make the bucket not only foldable, but also mixed colors. The bucket looks more attractive to everyone than an ordinary plastic bucket. We only need to fold one side first, and then fold the other side; the height of the bucket is only 7 cm after folding. This size makes the two-color collapsible foot bath bucket is easy to be storage after folding.  The bucket can be placed freely in any corner.  With the notch design in the bottom, the bucket can be hung on the wall to save space after folding.

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  • Plastic storage drawers injection mold

    Plastic storage drawers injection mold

    Most of the plastic storage drawers are made of PP plastic. PP plastic, chemical name: polypropylene PP is a crystalline polymer. PP is the lightest in common plastics the density is only 0.91g / cm3 (smaller than water). Among general-purpose plastics, PP has the best heat resistance. Its heat distortion temperature is 80-100 °C and it can be boiled in boiling water. PP has good stress resistance, is not easy to have crack, and has a long service life. The overall performance of PP is better than PE. PP products are light weight, good toughness, and good chemical resistance.

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  • Two-Color Flower Design Jug Plastic Injection Mould

    Two-Color Flower Design Jug Plastic Injection Mould

    This two-color flower design jug fit all the conditions that mentioned above. It is light, durable, handy, beautiful and special, which is truly a good choice for plastic product manufacturer to produce. The pattern of the double color water jug is customized, so if you are not satisfied with the flower pattern and have a better thought of the design, welcome to share us your idea and we’ll estimate and redesign it for you.

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  • Two-Color Plastic Lid Injection Mould of Freshness Food Containers

    Two-Color Plastic Lid Injection Mould of Freshness Food Containers

    The lid of airtight storage boxes made by two-color plastic injection mould is now a trend for both container manufacturers and customers.

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  • Multi-Color-Rotary Axis

    Multi-Color-Rotary Axis

    Most of two-color handles are made by rotary axis plastic injection moulds. Rotary axis process or rotary core process means that the two-color plastic injection mould won't rotate by injection machine, however, the cores of mold will be rotated by injection machine or cylinder of injection mould. When the injection part will be made the second color, the controller of injection machine will deliver signal of core pulling system to rotate the 1st core of mould to second position of core, then make the second color injection.

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  • Multi-Color-Sandwich


    Single-color plastic products are filled with everywhere, needless to say, when you walk into a market, a colorful product must arrest your eyes most. Being not enough for you anymore, and the double-color product is not able to satisfy your greed, you must try on the multi-color product, which is beautiful, extraordinary and fascinating.

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  • Multi-Color-Rotary Table

    Multi-Color-Rotary Table

    What is two-color plastic injection mould? Two-color or two plastic materials or two components are injected on one machine, molded by two different molds, it is called two-color molding. The two-color plastic injection molds are required special design of two-color injection machine with rotary table or rotary axis, or only two injection carriage. The investment of two-color molds and two-color injection machines is higher than conventional single color molds and single color machine, however, the high quality of plastic products and precise technology on both two-color molds design and high technical adjustment of injection parameters are not easy to be copied or launched into same business.

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  • Unscrewing Caps Molds

    Unscrewing Caps Molds

    For the cap design, people always want to find a new way, but due to the limit of traditional molding way, it cannot have so much outstanding design to attract people’s eye with single color. With the new molding technology development, Bi-injection, tri-injection … it helps designers to have more idea on the design and come with beautiful appearance. I believe more and more customers will like this design idea and to make their own brand outstanding. Focare Mould is mold maker who is specialized in two color mold design and manufacture. We are here to help you make your fantastic idea into reality.

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