• PET Bottle Handle Plastic Injection Mould

    PET Bottle Handle Plastic Injection Mould

    Design and manufacturing of handle mould--- 1. Mold design of handle mold with 4 ~ 32 cavities. 2. Steel of mold cores and cavities is stainless steel with heat treatment. 3. Design of interchangeable die components for easy maintenance. 4. Specially designed nozzle and fast color changing hot runner system according to customer’s requirement. 5. All molds parts are machinery with CNC equipment.

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  • Plastic Tea Bottle Cap Injection Mould

    Plastic Tea Bottle Cap Injection Mould

    The general water bottles are round and sometimes take space in the bags, but these water bottles are square. If they are placed properly, they can save a lot of space inside your bag.

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  • One-Piece Lid of Peper Can Plastic Injection Mould

    One-Piece Lid of Peper Can Plastic Injection Mould

    This one-piece flavor lid is designed as 45 degree for kid-friendly extension and high-quality display. The size of the product is 46.5*54.5mm, the weight is 16g and the material is ABS. Not only is the product unique, the mould is also impressive. This is a classic plastic injection mould that gathers 4 most common mould structures. To manufacture the product we apply: Sliders, Exchangeable inserts, Core pulling, and unscrewing device. The complete mould action will be introduce in sequence:

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  • Spray caps of Insecticide Plastic Injection Mould

    Spray caps of Insecticide Plastic Injection Mould

    Spray cap molds are used in the molds for producing insecticide shells. They are made in accordance with the shape of the insecticide cover required. They are injection molded with plastic and processed into insecticide shell parts through various processes. The principle of the spray tank is that the liquid is pressed out of the valve by using air pressure. The liquid can be sprayed evenly. The direction and dose can be controlled. Any content can be easily put in and easy to use.

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  • Plastic Flip Top Lotion Caps Injection Mould

    Plastic Flip Top Lotion Caps Injection Mould

    Most of the plastic flip top caps mould are designed with two-time ejection structure. The core is pushed out two times. The stripper plate and the ejector sleeve in the middle of the product are pushed out together to 14mm, and then the stripper plate push out continually until the flip top caps drops.

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  • Threaded Cap Plastic Injection Mould

    Threaded Cap Plastic Injection Mould

    Cap size: ø90.7 X 93 X 25mm Cap weight: 36gm Material: HDPE Mold: 4 cavities The thread part of this cap is designed with thread rotation off, and the motor device is used to drive the gear to rotate. The cap must be designed with a stop device to prevent the product from following the rotation when the thread rotates, resulting in the scratch of the cap thread. After the thread part of the cap is separated, use the ejector plate to eject. Compared with thread strength and thread rotation, thread rotation is more difficult to make, which requires high-precision processing equipment, high installation accuracy and accurate positioning between plates, otherwise it is easy to cause the problem of parts stuck and motor or oil cylinder not moving.

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  • Cap of Laundry Detergent Bottle Mould

    Cap of Laundry Detergent Bottle Mould

    Each cavity of this cap mold is designed with separate inserts, so that each cavity product in the process of injection molding maintain the same injection molding pressure, clamping force and other molding conditions, so that the product quality is more stable and reliable. Moreover, the independent insert design can make the life of the mold longer. If there is any problem with the parts, the parts can be directly replaced without affecting the production schedule.

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  • Oil Bottle Plastic Cap Plastic Injection Mould

    Oil Bottle Plastic Cap Plastic Injection Mould

    The unscrewing device of this cap mold is hydraulic motor. The ejecting sequence of this cap mold is to let the upper press plate open the mold first, and rely on the I-shaped block to drive the cavity slider to slide away. The mold is opened to a certain stroke, and the caps will be unscrewed by hydraulic unscrewing motor. The left and right thimble plates are performed simultaneously. The spring is pushed out of the barrel by the force of the spring, so that the product is firmly in the core part. After opening the mold, the oil cylinder pushes the rack, drives the central drive shaft, drives 4 product threaded shafts backward to disengage the product, and then relies on the 2 ejector rods on the outside of the machine, and the ejection plate pushes caps off from mold.

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  • Oil Caps Molds

    Oil Caps Molds

    This double color oil cap is applied for automobile lubricants, which is made by double color rotary injection molding process. The mold is composed by two different molds, one for making first color with customer's logo, the second mold is for making outer color. This kind of double color injection is better then single color or screen printing, meanwhile, the logo is not easy to be faked which is the best solution to rise company image up.

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