• Kitchenware Molds

    Kitchenware Molds

    Two color products can be seen in different kinds of products, especially in household products. Just imagine it; the basin which we use every day is no longer single color. Focare Mould is top China two color mold maker. We can customize your two-color molds for you. Just give us one ideal and our design department can make 3D product drawings for you before starting the mold making. Why you should invest in two color molds and why you should choice Focare Mould? 1) It is bi injection mold which is worked with rotational system. 2) We have experience to choose the right location of colored product for two colors easy and precision jointing. 3) We design the molds with interchangeable structure of cores and cavities to realize different pattern of colored products. 4) We have professional mold testing workers who have many experiences in two color injection molding which can ensure excellent running of two color molds. Please communicate with us if you need more information. We're looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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  • Multi-Color-Rotary Axis

    Multi-Color-Rotary Axis

    Being leading two color mold maker from Huangyan mold town, Focare Mould is specialist in manufacturing 2 component molds for worldwide customers. – Experienced to choose the right location of two colors easy and precision jointing of the colored part; – Unique bottle flip top caps in two color molding designs, ensure your mold durable and easy maintenance for future long time manufacturing! – Precision parameters setting of table rotary/ axis rotary two color machine, ensure excellent performance of two color molds.

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  • Multi-Color-Sandwich


    Why two color products can become more and more popular now? 1) Two color product design is much prettier than single color. 2) Two color products can be more recognizable among single color products. 3) Two color products are not easy to be copied. Especially for high value product. If your design is too simple, you'll find similar design in the market very soon. For these reasons, two color products are more and more popular now. Focare Mould focus on two color injection molds for years. Please feel free to contact with us if you need more information about the molds.

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  • Multi-Color-Rotary Table

    Multi-Color-Rotary Table

    Two color injection molds are much more expensive than single color molds, then why you need to invest in two color injection molds? Because two color products are much more difficult to be copied,beside two color injection products can attract more attention. Just imagine that when we go window shopping, which products can attract you more, single color product? or colorful two color injection products? Of course, the two color injection products. That's the reason why you need to invest in two color injection molds. Focare Mould has focus on two color molds making for years. We have plenty of experience in two color molds. Please feel free to communicate with us if you need more information.

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  • OEM two color injection molds Personalized

    OEM two color injection molds Personalized

    OEM two color injection molds Personalized:When designing molded parts, the overall structure of the cavity should be determined according to the properties of the plastic, the geometry of the product, the dimensional tolerances and the requirements of the use. Secondly, according to the determined structure, select the fractal surface position, gate, vent position and demoulding mode.Finally, according to the size of the control product, the design of each component and the combination of the parts are determined.

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