• 1L Ice Cream Oval Thin-Wall Container Mold

    1L Ice Cream Oval Thin-Wall Container Mold

    Thin-walled container molds must have high-end polish, as most the fast-food boxes are transparent. That is why we used H13 as the steel material for this thin-walled ice cream box. H13 steel is the most widely used and representative hot work die steel. Its main characteristics are: 1. It has high harden ability and high toughness. 2. Excellent thermal crack resistance, which can be water cooled in the workplace. 3. With medium wear resistance, carbonizing or Nitrogen processes can also be used to increase its surface hardness, but the thermal crack resistance should be slightly reduced. 4. Due to its low carbon content, the secondary hardening ability is poor in tempering. 5. It has anti-softening ability at higher temperatures, but the hardness will decrease rapidly when the use temperature is higher than 540 ° C (1000 ° F) (that is, the working temperature can be 540 ° C). 6. Small deformation during heat treatment. 7. Medium and high machinability. 8. Medium decarburization resistance.

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  • Flip Top Caps Molds

    Flip Top Caps Molds

    Flip top caps are generally used for shampoo bottles, cosmetic bottles and detergent bottles. The technical key-point of flip top cap mold is closure quality and no water leakage. Meanwhile, the connection between cap base and flip top cap is also critical issue of flip top cap mold. The plentiful experience of flip top cap molds on both product design and mold design become very important.

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