• Oil Bottle Plastic Cap Plastic Injection Mould

    Oil Bottle Plastic Cap Plastic Injection Mould

    The unscrewing device of this cap mold is hydraulic motor. The ejecting sequence of this cap mold is to let the upper press plate open the mold first, and rely on the I-shaped block to drive the cavity slider to slide away. The mold is opened to a certain stroke, and the caps will be unscrewed by hydraulic unscrewing motor. The left and right thimble plates are performed simultaneously. The spring is pushed out of the barrel by the force of the spring, so that the product is firmly in the core part. After opening the mold, the oil cylinder pushes the rack, drives the central drive shaft, drives 4 product threaded shafts backward to disengage the product, and then relies on the 2 ejector rods on the outside of the machine, and the ejection plate pushes caps off from mold.

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