• Two-color square basin plastic injection mold

    Two-color square basin plastic injection mold

    The two-color square basin is made of PP+TPE.  The raw material PP is strong enough and let the basin has a very good support when it is filled with water.  The raw material TPE is soft and let the two-color square basin be foldable.  The two-color square basin is foldable and retractable freely. It is thin and light without taking up space.  It is suitable for home and outdoor use.  As the height of the two-color square basin is only 5.5 cm after folding, one can put it inside any size of luggage case. So, we don’t need to care about if the washbasin in the hotel is clean or not, just put a two-color square basin in the suitcase and we can easily use it in the hotel.

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  • Two-Color Razor Handle Plastic Injection Mold

    Two-Color Razor Handle Plastic Injection Mold

    Using two-color injection can makes products with better product appearance and can substantially reduce product deformity, manufacturing time and cost during productions. Two-color razor handle is normally made with axis. After the first color injecting the axis will rotate for the second color injection. The axis can be rotated by plastic injection machine or hydraulic cylinder. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if your plastic injection machine has no axis, you may produce two-color razor handle as long as your machine is assembled with two carriages.

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  • Two-color chopping board plastic injection mold

    Two-color chopping board plastic injection mold

    A 1+1 cavity two-color chopping board plastic injection mould can match with 400 tons two-color plastic injection molding machine. It adopts 718H as steel and 3 tips hot runner.

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  • Multi-Color-Rotary Axis

    Multi-Color-Rotary Axis

    Most of two-color handles are made by rotary axis plastic injection moulds. Rotary axis process or rotary core process means that the two-color plastic injection mould won't rotate by injection machine, however, the cores of mold will be rotated by injection machine or cylinder of injection mould. When the injection part will be made the second color, the controller of injection machine will deliver signal of core pulling system to rotate the 1st core of mould to second position of core, then make the second color injection.

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  • Buckets Molds

    Buckets Molds

    Our advantages in bucket molds: 1)We use hexagon mold construction which can better ensure bucket thickness uniform. 2)We add maximum cooling for the molds to make sure excellent mold performance. 3)We add wear plates with HRC 45 above to guarantee bucket molds balance. 4)The core of molds is inserted, to compare with mono block core, it can help to reduce noise during production. Focare Mould always insists in making durable and adjustable molds. We have many years of experiences in bucket molds. Please contact with us if you have any question in bucket molds. It’s our honor to help you.

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  • Seal Molds

    Seal Molds

    Focare Mould has been a specialist in two color mold making, we offers high quality two color molds for TPE rubber O-rings and TPE seals. To have a good mold with excellent performance, the mold design and mold steel are always the main keys. That's the reason we have our own design group to focus on mold construction. After our in-depth study and hard working, we have abundance experience in two color projects. Now we have our exceptional mold structure design in two color molds. Please feel free to contact with us if you have two color product project for quoting.

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