• Plastic Buckle of Five-Point Safety Belt Injection Mould

    Plastic Buckle of Five-Point Safety Belt Injection Mould

    Actual accidents include various collision situations: Frontal collisions, side collisions, rear-end collisions, and overturns or all of the above collisions exist simultaneously. Child safety seats need to be designed to meet all of the above crash requirements to provide proper protection. 1. Five-point safety belt can dissipate the force generated by the impact in 5 directions at the same time, transferring external force from the child. 2. The process of dissipating power by a five-point seat belt is to minimize the accumulation of power and avoid greater harm. 3. The high-performance shoulder pad can effectively absorb the huge impact force, while its anti-slip properties reduce the baby's forward and head displacement and avoid head injuries. 4. The five-point safety belt can be continuously adjusted according to the baby's body size, thereby protecting the baby more closely and comprehensively. 5. In the safest state, ensure that the baby has enough space for movement. At the same time, the baby cannot open the buckle on its own, making parents more at ease.

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