What we should consider before designing a plastic injection product?

What we should consider before designing a plastic injection product?  Normally a plastic injection product should be considered for the followings points:

two-color plastic injection mold

1. The product thickness: If the product thickness is too thick, it will cause sinking or shrinkage problems on the surface of plastic injection product.  In contrast, there will be problems of insufficient filling, if it is too thin.

2. The position of parting line:

The parting line is the joint line of core & cavity.  If your plastic injection product has cosmetic problem, you should avoid the parting line in the obvious position.

3. No undercut in the plastic injection product: If there is undercut in the plastic injection product, there will be a problem to eject the parts from the mold. Therefore, in the direction in which the parts are released, there must be nothing that will block them.

4. The draft angle in the plastic injection product:

After the plastic injection products are molded, they should be ejected from the mold.  For this, the mold should have a certain degree of release angle to allow the plastic injection product to leave the mold smoothly.

double color plastic mouldPlastic Injection mould 

If you think it is too difficult to consider all these points when you are designing your new project.  You can give Focare Mould the opportunity to service for you.  Focare Mould has its own design group which has years of experience in product & mold design.  Please feel free to communicate with Focare Mould if you need any service from us.

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