What is two-color injection mold?

Two-color injection mold is an innovative manufacturing technology.  It refers to inject two different kinds of resin material or color into a single multi-chambered mold.

two-color plastic injection mold 

Normally we use two different kinds of color and same material for injection molding, but we also can combine two different kinds of resin.  At this time, the interface effect, shrinkage difference and processing parameters of the two materials should be considered.

double color plastic mould

The advantage of two-color injection products are:

1. To reduce the unit cost.  Even though you should invest two-color injection molding machine and two-color injection mold in the beginning.  But you can decrease a lot of labor cost by avoiding spraying and assembling.  For the long-term investment, two-color injection molds can save much more unit cost than single ones.

2. To improve perfection of products.  Two-color injection products have high precision and stable quality than single color ones.  Besides they have good structural strength and are much more durable.  Apart from this, two-color injection products have smaller matching gap and better appearance than single color ones.

multi-color plastic injection moulds

Focare Mould has many years of experiences in two-color injection molds.  We have fabricated hundreds of two-color injection molds.  Please feel free to contact with us if you need any information regarding to two-color injection molds.

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