• Multi-functional Grater Plastic Injection Mould

    Multi-functional Grater Plastic Injection Mould

    This multi-functional plastic grater is crafted in a unique and simple design. It is created with 2 separate styles of grating with sharp edged slits and perforation. The sharp blades and different grating surface provides for efficient grating and ideal for grating different foods, such like cheeses, vegetables, cucumbers, carrots and roots.

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  • Light Knit Plastic Dining Chair with Gas Assisted Injection

    Light Knit Plastic Dining Chair with Gas Assisted Injection

    The advantages of gas-assisted injection molds: 1. Save raw materials, increase plastic utilization rate by up to 50%, reduce molding cycle, and improve certain performance. 2. It can reduce the pressure of the mold by 60%, make the size of the part uniform, and improve the shrinkage and deformation. 3. Reduce the working pressure of the injection system and the clamping system of the injection machine, so that the mold is suitable for smaller machines and reduce power consumption. 4. The requirements for the injection molding machine system are relatively simple, and there are no special requirements for raw materials.

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  • Plastic Foldable Banana Crate Injection Mould

    Plastic Foldable Banana Crate Injection Mould

    This foldable banana crate is so useful that we have already made 2 sets injection molds for our customer, and now we are making the third sets. Our customer is the biggest banana supplier in Mexico, and they would like to transport bananas from Mexico to USA. In the beginning, they asked us to design one crate which can be stacked up for 8 crates in each row without any deformation of crate. It means the crate should be strong enough as each crate has more than 15 kilos of banana inside, and the bottom crate must bear at least 105 kilos. Besides, when the crates are sent to the ripening room by forklift, they cannot be shaken or fallen, although they are stacked eight stories high. It means our design should be very precise to avoid any shaking or falling between the crate and the crate during handling.

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  • Plastic Chair with Gas Assisted Injection

    Plastic Chair with Gas Assisted Injection

    Gas-assisted technology offers many possibilities for parts that were previously incapable of being injection molded using conventional processes. Particularly suitable for the production of the following aspects of injection molding: tubular and rod-shaped parts, such as the steering wheel left adjustment lever, car door handle, car rain wipes, rings, hooks, seat armrests, window frames, etc.; large flat parts Such as door panels, automotive exterior parts, radiator grilles, etc.; parts with complex shapes, uneven thickness, and traditional injection molding difficult to form, such as automobile body, bumper, instrument panel, etc. The principle of gas-assisted injection is to create a hollow section in the interior of the injection molded part by high-pressure gas. The volumetric pressure of the gas is used to reduce the residual internal stress of the product, eliminate the surface shrinkage of the product, and reduce the material used, which shows the superiority of the conventional injection molding.

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