• Double Color Car Light Plastic Injection Mould

    Double Color Car Light Plastic Injection Mould

    The two-color mold technology uses multiple materials for injection molding production, and combines the characteristics of different materials during the molding process to assemble or other suitable bonding methods to improve product functionality and aesthetics. Automotive lights in two-color molds are an important application area. The features of double color car lights molds are as below: 1. The moving side of double color molds will be rotated by rotary table of double color injection machine. Hence, car lights shall be fixed on moving mold well to avoid being stuck in cavity side. 2. The fixing position after mold rotation shall be very precise, hence, the rotary table of injection machine shall be driven with servo motor instead of hydraulic motor. 3. Injecting stroke shall be designed as shorter as possible in order to enhance the strength of ejecting rod.

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  • Multi-color Basin Plastic Injection Mould

    Multi-color Basin Plastic Injection Mould

    The characteristic of this kind of multi-color injection moulding is to transform the general single color product into a multi-color mixed product without changing the mould, making them like various grain patterns such as wood grain, marble, jadeite and so on, without having to go through two processing procedures such as spray painting and water dyeing.

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  • 1L Ice Cream Oval Thin-Wall Container Mold

    1L Ice Cream Oval Thin-Wall Container Mold

    Thin-walled container molds must have high-end polish, as most the fast-food boxes are transparent. That is why we used H13 as the steel material for this thin-walled ice cream box. H13 steel is the most widely used and representative hot work die steel. Its main characteristics are: 1. It has high harden ability and high toughness. 2. Excellent thermal crack resistance, which can be water cooled in the workplace. 3. With medium wear resistance, carbonizing or Nitrogen processes can also be used to increase its surface hardness, but the thermal crack resistance should be slightly reduced. 4. Due to its low carbon content, the secondary hardening ability is poor in tempering. 5. It has anti-softening ability at higher temperatures, but the hardness will decrease rapidly when the use temperature is higher than 540 ° C (1000 ° F) (that is, the working temperature can be 540 ° C). 6. Small deformation during heat treatment. 7. Medium and high machinability. 8. Medium decarburization resistance.

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  • Straw Handle Cup Plastic Injection Mould

    Straw Handle Cup Plastic Injection Mould

    This straw handle cup is divided into two sets of molds, one is the cup body and the other is the cup cover. In design, the cup body cavity 2 spring block slides. When opening the mold, it depends on the pull hook on the mold core side to start in an instant, and then the spring pushes the spring block out, and the mold core side directly relies on the machine to push the ejector plate to eject the product and drop. When the cup cover is opened, slide the 2 sliding blocks on one side of the core to both sides through the inclined guide post to separate the sliding blocks from the product. The 2 sliding blocks are designed on the pusher plate to eject the product as a whole.

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  • Plastic Dish Drainer Injection Mould

    Plastic Dish Drainer Injection Mould

    Mold Structure design advantage: 1. Conventional ordinary mold, no structure, high durability of the mold 2. 4-point hot runner gate to have better balance of the flow channels to consider the balance of the gates, and make the molten materials uniformly charge at the same time. 3. Significantly prolong mold life and shorten cycle time 4. Durable mold steel with P-20H or 718H 5. High efficiency cooling design 6. Ensure mold thickness uniform, equipped with wear plates which sharply increase mold stability and mold life!

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  • Plastic Painting Bucket Injection Mould

    Plastic Painting Bucket Injection Mould

    Paint bucket mould and plastic moulding painting bucket. The technical point for the painting bucket is the painting bucket wall eccentric and ejection system. Paint bucket is different as all the other kinds of bucket, there is one undercut on the edge of the bucket mouth, and this undercut (rib) need to be stripped before it drop down.

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  • 5 Gallon Cap Plastic Injection Mould

    5 Gallon Cap Plastic Injection Mould

    The plastic raw material of 5G cap is LLDPE, which has high gloss, high heat resistance and better fluidity than the general materials. In addition, the steel of mold core and cavity is S136, with a hardness of 48-52, which can better for mold life. It could be design with 12 cavities or 16 cavities, each cavity has its own independent cooling system to ensure that the products can be better shaped and cooled.

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  • Plastic Lunch Box Injection Mould

    Plastic Lunch Box Injection Mould

    The lunch box design is very lovely; there are two layers which can let you separate your food. The clip function is made directly on the lid, so we can save one mold for clips. There are two clip designs in each side, so the lunch box can overlap to save space after eating. The volume is 420 + 760 ml, it is just enough for school children to eat, will not cause waste.

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  • Multi-functional Grater Plastic Injection Mould

    Multi-functional Grater Plastic Injection Mould

    This multi-functional plastic grater is crafted in a unique and simple design. It is created with 2 separate styles of grating with sharp edged slits and perforation. The sharp blades and different grating surface provides for efficient grating and ideal for grating different foods, such like cheeses, vegetables, cucumbers, carrots and roots.

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