• Kids Tricycle Plastic Injection Mould

    Kids Tricycle Plastic Injection Mould

    The commonly used children's tricycle mould steels are 45#, 40Cr, P20, 2738, 2316, 718, NAK80, S136, etc. Generally, we suggest to use steel 718 and Shanghai Baosteel P20. Good mold structure design is the premise of a qualified mold manufacturing. The mold structure and product structure should be analyzed in all aspects, including mold draft angle, miniature of product surface, design of pouring system, design of exhaust system, design of cooling system, etc. The most important and most likely problems of these molds will be repeatedly tried in the mold structure design Proven.

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  • Multi Purpose Plastic Stool Injection Mould

    Multi Purpose Plastic Stool Injection Mould

    The important points which we care about when we make chair molds: 1) We add as many cooling system as possible including the chair surface to ensure outstanding cooling performance. 2) We add wear plates with 45HRC above to guarantee the chair molds’ life. 3) We use steel with 30-33HRC. 4) We use high speed CNC machine to reach 0.02 mm precision.

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  • Plastic Building Block/Brick

    Plastic Building Block/Brick

    Building blocks are usually cubic solid toys made of wood or plastic. They are usually decorated with letters or pictures on each surface. They are allowed to be arranged in different ways or for building activities. They can develop children's intelligence, be assembled into houses, animals and so on.

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