• Multi-Color-Rotary Axis

    Multi-Color-Rotary Axis

    Most of two-color handles are made by rotary axis plastic injection moulds. Rotary axis process or rotary core process means that the two-color plastic injection mould won't rotate by injection machine, however, the cores of mold will be rotated by injection machine or cylinder of injection mould. When the injection part will be made the second color, the controller of injection machine will deliver signal of core pulling system to rotate the 1st core of mould to second position of core, then make the second color injection.

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  • Two-Color PP+PP Sunflower Bowl Plastic Injection Moulds

    Two-Color PP+PP Sunflower Bowl Plastic Injection Moulds

    This two-color Sunflower plastic bowl mould was showed at the 2019 CHINAPLAS in Guangzhou. And the most people were attracted by 2K Sunflower bowl. This is an engaging and can grab people’s attention product, anyone who passes through the booth will discuss the mold. That is the special place for the two-color mold.

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  • Two-Color Plastic Orange Bowl

    Two-Color Plastic Orange Bowl

    This kind of orange two-color plastic bowls generally are sold with 3 sizes in 1 set for selling, 650ml, 1L and 3L. The benefits of plastic household are light and not easy to hit and crack. Meanwhile, two-color plastic household let kitchen and dining room fill full warming and colorful.

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  • 16-cavity 20mm Double Color Flip Top Cap Mould

    16-cavity 20mm Double Color Flip Top Cap Mould

    Once again Focare Mould has successfully made another two-color flip top injection mold. It is really difficult to make two-color flip top cap mold especially for 16 cavities. Especially, the diameter of two-color cap is only 20mm and the connection between two materials is so tiny. It is arduous to adjust the connection well completely for 16 cavities. In order to achieve this goal, we must not only have professional mold technology, but also have technical injection molding skill. Focare Mould has its own team in mold design, mold making and injection molding. We have two sets of two-color injection molding machines which permit us to test two-color injection molds and help to train our customers’ engineers when it is necessary.

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  • Two-Color Plastic Classical Coffee Cup

    Two-Color Plastic Classical Coffee Cup

    The quality of coffee cup is required higher and durable, but lower cost. Two-Color plastic cups and mugs could reach these requirement, hence, two-color PP plastic injection cups become more popular on the market.

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  • Multi-Color-Sandwich


    Single-color plastic products are filled with everywhere, needless to say, when you walk into a market, a colorful product must arrest your eyes most. Being not enough for you anymore, and the double-color product is not able to satisfy your greed, you must try on the multi-color product, which is beautiful, extraordinary and fascinating.

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  • Two-Color Plastic Plates Injection Molds

    Two-Color Plastic Plates Injection Molds

    The color from dark to light looks more attractive and beautiful. It was made one-step injecting procedure which is special mold design and injection technology.

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  • Multi-Color-Rotary Table

    Multi-Color-Rotary Table

    What is two-color plastic injection mould? Two-color or two plastic materials or two components are injected on one machine, molded by two different molds, it is called two-color molding. The two-color plastic injection molds are required special design of two-color injection machine with rotary table or rotary axis, or only two injection carriage. The investment of two-color molds and two-color injection machines is higher than conventional single color molds and single color machine, however, the high quality of plastic products and precise technology on both two-color molds design and high technical adjustment of injection parameters are not easy to be copied or launched into same business.

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  • Multi-Color-Over Molding

    Multi-Color-Over Molding

    Two-color over molding process is the lower investment for making two-color plastic products. For some bigger size two-color products or two-color plastic parts with lower market demand, it is not economic to invest two-color injection machine and two-color injection molds. Two-color over molding process is the best choice for making two-color plastic products.

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