Why two-color plastic injection molds are required?

What is two-color plastic injection mould?  Two-color or two plastic materials or two components are injected on one machine, molded by two different molds, it is called two-color molding.

two-color plastic injection mold

The two-color plastic injection molds are required special design of two-color injection machine with rotary table or rotary axis, or only two injection carriage.  The investment of two-color molds and two-color injection machines is higher than conventional single color molds and single color machine, however, the high quality of plastic products and precise technology on both two-color molds design and high technical adjustment of injection parameters are not easy to be copied or launched into same business.

double color plastic mould

The advantage of two-color plastic injection molds are as below:

1. High precise of injecting products

2. Stable quality on shrinkage control

3. Mold structure is stronger and more durable

4. High-end quality and design

5. Low defective

6. Lower unit cost

multi-color plastic injection moulds

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