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Armchair mould, armless chair mould, foldable stool mould, stadium seat mould, beach chair mould, plastic garden furniture mould, bench chair mould, stool moulds, chair mould with interchangeable backrest, plastic stool mould, baby stool mould, plastic table mould, chair with metal leg mouldHow to choose a good quality moulded plastic chair mould?

A,Chair moulds cooling channels should be straight, smooth and according to plastic chair surface to reach the optimal cooling.

B,Lots of chair molds manufacturers guarantee 1Million mold life, but how to guarantee no flash after running 1 Million shots? the hardness of mold steel is very important, A chair mold steel hardness is between 30-33 degree.

C,If a moulded plastic chair has rough part line and sharp edge, it is dangerous, chair moulds core and cavity steel thickness should be strong enough and using optimal tooling technical to avoid steel deform, because the core and cavity fitting will be not exactly if steel deforming, then many chair molds manufactures will using handle tooling. If the part line area tooled by handle, the part line will be not good.

 D,Plastic chair thickness design:A good plastic chair mould design must consider chair thickness, Some time we need design somewhere thickness a little thick to make sure the plastic material flow and plastic chair strong, but we should know the thickness not even will lead to inject uneven, cooling uneven at the same time.

E,Air venting is very improtant for a good chair molds. For example,A arm chair mold, the very important air venting area are the top of back side, the arm area and four leg area. Inserts with lines will helpful to get the good air venting effect.

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